The banking industry has been using security wireless duress buttons for over twenty years. The wide selection of wireless devices enables security systems to be catered to the specific needs of banks and financial institutions.

With millions of devices in use around the globe, The Wireless Works has a unique understanding of the security needs that financial institutions face.

Every year, thousands of banks are robbed across the globe. Though monetary losses are relatively small, the danger posed to both staff and customers is substantial. Wireless panic buttons allow a signal for help to be sent out from anywhere in the wireless coverage area. Because the panic buttons don’t have to be tied to a desk or counter, areas like car parking outside of the building can also benefit from increased safety. Our comprehensive product line includes:

  • Single & Double button Panic alarm buttons
  • Multi-condition Panic alarm buttons, separate “Suspicion” and/or Panic attack conditions   
  • Man down/Loan worker Panic alarm buttons
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