Health & Safety Solutions

Retail, commercial buildings, hospitals, pharmacies and school are no less vulnerable to workplace violence and other dangers on the premises. All employers must adhere to rigid policies and regulations regarding the safety of employees. Commercial building dangers can often be present, especially for lone workers dealing with hazardous equipment and chemicals. By providing a simple method to signal for assistance, employers can increase employee safety within a commercial environment. Wired systems can be inflexible and costly to install and maintain. WiFi systems may not provide the level of reliability needed and other wireless protocols, like Zigbee, may not cost-effectively cover a customer’s location.

Wireless security products can connect to almost any security system, and offer direct interfaces with many of the industry-leading control panels, access control and CCTV systems. With the availability of add-on, serial and IP receivers, you can have unparalleled flexibility in your connectivity options.

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