8 Input paging transmitter

Part Number: 355PT3910

The 8 channel paging TX is the ideal solution for adding the feature of on premise paging to any piece of equipment. If you wish to monitor machine failure alarms or when a machine runs low on material, it can instantly page a staff member with machine identification and failure warnings. The small size of the transmitter allows it to be mounted in virtually any location or within a piece of equipment.
Any of the 8 paging message can be configured to cover different events, each channel being triggered by a simple negative ground, with single pager or group call configurations options.
The built-in SMA connector allows for easy antenna placement inside or external to your equipment.

Key Features

  • 8 Trigger inputs
  • Input Voltage 5VDC 250mA
  • Current Consumption Standby 15mA (max)
  • When Paging 150mA (max)
  • Frequency 467.750MHz (others available upon request)
  • Output Power 10mW
  • Modulation FM - 1200BPS max
  • Data Formats POCSAG (Alpha-Numeric)