200ft. battery-powered photobeam detector Inovonics transmitters built in

Part Number: AX-200TFRi

The iSeries AX-200TFRi is a 200ft. battery-powered photobeam detector that includes Inovonics transmitters built in, making it a ready-to-install wireless solution for perimeter protection. Because no trenching or wiring is involved in the installation process, a substantial reduction in labor costs and install time can be expected. The AX-200TFRi also includes four lithium D cell batteries with a lifespan of three to five years. In addition, the AX-200TFRi is compatible with the AX-TW200 line of beam towers for a clean, concealed, wireless mounting option.


  • Inovonics wireless transmitter pre installed
  • Long life battery operation (batteries included)
  • Easy battery replacement
  • Triple tamper functions
  • Low battery output and LED indication Intermittent output function
  • Battery saving time function for wireless transmitters
  • Selectable 4 channel beam frequencies 99% beam blocking stability
  • A.G.C circuit
  • IP55 structure
  • Adjustable beam interruption time