Wireless 12m 90 wide outdoor PIR detector with small animals tolerance

VXI-Ri The new wireless VXI-Ri supplied with pre-fitted Inovonics wireless transmitter – is an outdoor 12m wide PIR detector, suitable for CCTV applications and alarm systems.


The VXI-Ri is the new model replacing the VX-402Ri.

  • 12m wide angle twin sensor PIR device. (Replaces VX-402Ri)
  • Advance SMDA target recognition detection circuit
  • 5x Adjustable detection ranges
  • 5x Detection pattern options (5 pre-cut masking seals included)
  • Small animal tolerance function 90º detection pattern, rotatable through 180º
  • iSeries wireless imbedded inside device
  • IP55 weather protection
  • Multi tamper protection Signaling, Alarm, Tamper, Low battery, Wireless failure