Using Panic Buttons in Schools

Teachers often witness violence but may not have the ability to intervene or signal for help without putting themselves in danger.

Establishing a safer environment by providing an easy method for teachers to signal for help with panic buttons is a starting point to help reduce everyday violence. Mobile duress panic buttons are easily integrated into existing school security system panels to provide an effective increase in safety of teachers and students. Pressing either a fixed or mobile panic button sends an alert through the existing security system, providing an easy way for teachers to signal for help.

Fit-For-Purpose Technology

The more simple the solution, the more likely it will be effectively used in an emergency situation. Inovonics’ wireless panic buttons are simple, discreet, and easy to activate in stressful environments. When time matters most, a teacher should not have to struggle navigating an app on a smartphone, or try to remember an intercom button sequence.
A dedicated network for life safety emergency alerts is a necessity to maintain reliability. The Inovonics EchoStream wireless network is removed from information and file sharing networks such as Wi-Fi and is insulated from the downtimes and maintenance that they require.

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