Quad PIR detector units with Inovonics Wireless pre-installed

Part Number: D-TECT i

D-TECT Inovonics utilise quad pyro detection where both sensors must trigger to cause the detector to signal an alarm, ensuring precise and reliable presence detection. Programmable options include a variable pulse count and a choice of detection ranges up to 40m. The dual-axis tilt sensor allows 180 of pan and 90 of tilt, this increases the speed of the outdoor installation and provides accurate aiming of the detection pattern. Precision electronics, digital white light filtering and double shielding significantly reduces false alarms from the sun. The detector housing has an attractive, professional appearance with the sensing module hidden behind the front cover. There are three wireless detector units to choose from:

  • GJD 1030 D-Tect Inovonics Enabled 30m x 30m
  • GJD 1040 D-Tect Inovonics Enabled 40m X 4m & 40m X am (supplied with 2 lenses)
  • GJD 1050 D-Tect Inovonics Enabled 50m x 10m