Vibration Transmitter

Part Number: EE1267

The EE1267 Inovonics wireless shock detector provides perimeter protection for commercial and residential premises. It provides early warning of an attempted intrusion by sensing forced entry before a burglar actually enters the property. This potentially reduces the damage and losses to a property as a result of a break in and provides home and business owners with enhanced security. For use on most windows and doors including those made from wood, metal and PVC. It can also be used on walls and roofs.

The EE1267 advanced digital processing uses the latest piezo shock sensor technology to precisely detect and analyze gross attacks or a series of low-level shocks while ignoring background vibrations, a major cause of false alarms.

Key Features

  • Intelligent signal analysis technology.
  • Advanced Signal Processing Algorithms
  • Fully supervised low battery, tamper and radio link
  • LED for accurate visual set up indication
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Low power consumption circuit design for longer battery life. (1-2 years)
  • Case and Wall tamper
  • Reliable, long range wireless transmissions
  • Option with reed contact (EE1268)
  • Compatible with Inovonics EchoStream products
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