GSM Gate Opener

Part Number: 355-GSM/Go

The GSM Gate Opener (355-GSM/GO) is a very SIM-PLE device which can be used for authorized gate access, controlling gates/doors, remote switching of equipment, perimeter security etc. The GSM Gate opener can be used virtually anywhere, where you want to turn anything on or off, remotely, using a relay, via a FREE call from a mobile phone.

Key Features

  • No call charges. ON/OFF action on the first ‘ring’ then the unit rejects the call from authorized number
  • Multiple applications, gates, barriers, garage doors, shutters, access points or machines
  • Secure – using caller ID for identification, unknown callers are ignored
  • Can be operated from anywhere, no distance limit
  • Add or remove users by SMS text command
  • Up to 64 authorized phone users
  • Two digital inputs for additional door or motion sensors, when triggered, will send a SMS alert message immediately
  • Output relay rated at 3A/240VAC (optional return SMS confirmation of action)
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