4 Button Confirmed Duress

The EE8000 is a Man Down and Personal Attack wireless transmitter for use in a variety of security, guarding and lone worker applications. With 2 side buttons and 2 front buttons a variety of options can be configured for confirmed alarm conditions and “attention” alarms. It utilises the acclaimed Inovonics EchoStream wireless technology to provide a reliable, fully supervised, scalable wireless connection. Each device is uniquely identifiable by the wireless system. The Man Down function with double sensing technology (75 degree position change) has a 10 second pre alarm warning time – the time the unit indicates to the user that an alarm signal transmission is imminent. This warning time is indicated by vibration, and optionally audible tone.

Key Features:

  • Mandown with selectable tone, timers and vibration indication.
  • Fully supervised with Low battery indication
  • Activates three different alarm conditions
  • Optional “Rip cord” alarm
  • Can be worn as a pendant, or converted for use with a belt clip.
  • LED flashes with all transmissions, visual verification at a glance.
  • Typical battery life 3 Years
  • Size 116 x 52 x 31mm (H/W/D)
  • 868 – 870 MHz Europe
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