Healthcare facilities are stressful environments. Even in the best circumstances, the people who come in for care are under pressure, and, all-too-often, under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, security personnel cannot be everywhere to ensure the safety of staff.

Wireless security in healthcare

Healthcare facilities also face critical challenges in protecting patients, as well as physical assets and pharmaceuticals. Thousands of healthcare facilities around the nation rely on wireless technology to provide flexible, sophisticated solutions.

Assault in Emergency Rooms

The Emergency Nurses Association reports that two-thirds of all nurses have been the victim of a physical assault. In fact, a quarter of all nurses have been assaulted more than 20 times in the past three years. Most startling of all, the dangers of working in healthcare facilities seem to be increasing. A 2010 report from the Joint Commission’s Sentinel Event Database states, “Healthcare institutions today are confronting steadily increasing rates of crime, including violent crimes such as assault, rape and homicide.”

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