Commercial buildings are no less vulnerable to workplace violence and dangers on the premises. Employees can easily signal for help if a violent situation arises, reducing response times and fostering a safer environment where help is easily accessible. Commercial building dangers can often be present, especially for lone workers dealing with hazardous equipment. By providing a simple method to signal for assistance, employers can increase employee safety within a commercial environment. Our wireless security products can connect to almost any security system, and offer direct interfaces with all industry-leading control panels. With the availability of add-on and serial receivers, you have unparalleled flexibility in your connectivity options, including CCTV, Fire and Access control.

Pendant transmitters offer virtually limitless opportunities for panic alarm applications. Our line of pendant transmitters includes water resistance, single or dual button activation, Man down and the ability to send multiple conditions and every pendant transmitter is fully supervised to ensure reliability. Our comprehensive product line includes:

  • Single & Double button Panic alarm buttons
  • Multi-condition Panic alarm buttons, separate “Suspicion” and/or Panic attack conditions   
  • Man down/Loan worker Panic alarm buttons
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