App Lone Worker

The Wireless Works in association with iSEEU Global™ can transform any smart mobile phone or PDA into a fully functional personal safety device. The software is ideal for lone workers or other at risk individuals who don’t wish to carry a dedicated personal safety alarm.

Simply by pressing the designated alarm button on the user’s smartphone, the software will send their GPS location and identity, as well as making a voice call, to our 24/7 Incident Management Automotive Software. The alarm will be escalated within the defined set of rules set up by the user and the appropriate action will be taken.

The Wireless Works - iSEEU Global™ for Smartphone software includes a range of useful additional features providing convenient, 24/7 protection:

Key Features:

  • GPRS Alarm Transmission
  • Position Reports
  • Discrete Vibration
  • Under DURESS PIN
  • Time Out Alert, Auto Start GEO Tracking
  • Emergency ‘Press Button’ option (even if app in background or phone locked)
  • Quick Download and Easy Installation